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Optimance Transport has been providing safe and efficient car transport services in San Diego for over eight years. Whether residential or business location, we offer direct pickup and delivery services to all addresses in the city, transporting hundreds of vehicles every month.

Hassle-free Auto Shipping to or from San Diego

Are you looking for stress-free auto transport in San Diego? You’re at the right place! Optimance Transport helps you move your vehicle with ease and comfort. From heavy equipment transport to motorcycle shipping, we offer reliable transport services for all vehicles in the US. Trust Optimance Transport for a smooth and efficient auto shipping journey.

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"My vintage convertible arrived in San Diego with the California sun still shining on its chrome! Optimance's careful handling and speedy delivery were top-notch. 5 stars all the way!"

Jhone Deo

"Shipping my truck across the country to San Diego felt like a walk on the beach with Optimance. Their door-to-door service was a lifesaver, and their competitive rates kept my wallet happy."


"Real-time tracking with Optimance kept me calm as my car sailed its way to San Diego. No more nail-biting at the port! This is the future of car shipping."


"Friendly service, speedy delivery, and prices that wouldn't break the bank? Optimance ticked all the boxes for my San Diego car shipment. They're the real deal!"

Brain W

Move Your Vehicle Effortlessly with Seamless Auto Transport in San Diego

Whether you want services for auto transport in California or a reliable transport partner for shipping car cross country, Optimance Transport can do it all for you! We offer the best-in-class transport services to both dealers and private vehicle owners. Auto shipping can be nerve-racking for people; however, we’re here to simplify the process. Our experts guide you throughout your car transport journey to ensure you don’t find it challenging.

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How Does Car Shipping to San Diego Work?

Want to move your car to America’s finest city? We’re here to make
the shipping process a walk in the park. Ship your car with Optimance
Transport in three simple steps:

Step 1

Get a Quote and Book Your Order

At Optimance Transport, our team is dedicated to offering effortless vehicle shipping. To get started with us, contact our transport experts. After that, request a quote by phone or online. For enhanced convenience, our user-friendly website lets you get an instant quote and lock in your order with just a few clicks.

Step 2

Pickup and Transport

After you’ve secured your reservation with us, we schedule a pickup on your specified date by connecting with our network of qualified carriers. We pick up your car at your convenience. After the pickup, you can simply sit back, relax, and wait for your vehicle to reach its new home.

Step 3

Delivery and Inspection

On the delivery day, your vehicle reaches your given address and is carefully unloaded. You can then carry out an inspection and accept your car once you are satisfied. Our timely delivery and exceptional customer service make us the best car shipping company in San Diego.


Why Ship Your Vehicle with Optimance Transport?

We get it - your wheels are like gold to you! Whether you’re the proud owner of a vintage car or have an advanced SUV, you deserve more than just an average vehicle carrier. That’s why Optimance Transport is here to serve you! We are more than just a car shipping company; we’re your trusted partner, dedicated to ensuring a worry-free and smooth journey for your prized possession. Here’s why you should get our services for your car shipping to San Diego:


At Optimance Transport, we pride ourselves on giving individualized care and attention to each one of our customers. Our transport experts walk you through the entire process. Our team is dedicated to making your shipping journey a cakewalk.


Our dedicated advisors are available day and night to track your shipment and address any of your doubts or concerns. Our team works devotedly to guarantee the best customer experience.


With eight years under our belt and thousands of smiling customers, Optimance Transport has aced the shipping industry. Our online reviews and customer testimonials speak volumes about us being the ideal choice for auto transport in San Diego.

Large Network of
Auto Carriers

With a vast network of auto haulers, we ensure nothing but the finest shipping experience. Our network includes over 100K vetted and qualified carriers. So, you can relax knowing your vehicle is in the hands of true experts.

Insurance Coverage

At Optimance Transport, we include insurance coverage in your car shipping quote. All our carriers meet the insurance requirements. Thus, you can be at ease knowing that your vehicle is protected in case of any unwanted situation.

24/7 Customer

We understand that your schedule is hectic. That’s why our customer support is not limited to 9 to 5. The Optimance team works for extended hours to ensure prompt and exceptional support to all our customers. Providing remarkable support is a pivotal element in our transport services. That’s the reason why we have a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Experience a Matchless Car Shipping
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San Diego Auto Shipping Services with Optimance Transport

For the Optimance team, you are the priority! We are committed to making the car shipping process as efficient and seamless as possible. There’s a reason why 97% of customers recommend us: we know how to give you value for money. From picking up your car at the provided date to delivering it to your doorstep, we make the car transport process a breeze. Instant, Straightforward Vehicle Transport Quote We understand how valuable your time is. That’s why we have a user-friendly online system that effortlessly provides you with the vehicle shipping quote. Simply enter the required information correctly and get your car transportation quote. Shipping your car with us is that easy!

Efficient and Timely Vehicle Transport Services

Optimance Transport offers top-notch car shipping in San Diego and all over the US. With over eight years of experience and more than 4,000 delivered vehicles, we know how to stay ahead in the transport industry. Our positive reputation and reliability make us stand out from the rest. Our proficient team gives 110% to deliver above our customers’ expectations.

Optimance Transport: Redefining Shipping Excellence

Optimance Transport is committed to offering top-rated vehicle transport services throughout the US. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to book a consultation and move your car with the best shipper in the States.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Shipping
with Optimance Transport

Costs can vary based on factors like car size, distance, and shipping method. However, expect to pay between $0.58-$1.96 per mile for open carriers and $0.40-$0.50 per mile for enclosed carriers. Short distances (under 500 miles) typically have higher per-mile rates, while longer distances (over 1,500 miles) tend to be cheaper per mile.

Car transporters average around 400-500 miles per day, so a 2,000-mile trip might take 4-6 days. Shorter distances may only take a few days, while longer distances could take up to 9 days. Remember, this is just an estimate, and weather, traffic, and other factors can impact the timeline.

Most auto transport companies can handle standard cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. However, some limitations exist for oversized vehicles, motorcycles, and non-running cars. Be sure to check with the company about your specific vehicle. 

Open carriers are the most common and affordable option, but your car will be exposed to the elements. Enclosed carriers offer more protection from weather and road debris but are typically more expensive. 

You'll need your vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Some companies may require additional documents, so check with them beforehand. 

No special permits are needed for shipping a car within the United States. However, if you're registering your car in California upon arrival, you'll need to follow DMV requirements. 

Most reputable car shipping companies offer real-time tracking through their website or app. This allows you to monitor your car's progress and ensure its safety.

Spring and fall tend to have the most favorable weather conditions for car shipping, with mild temperatures and less rain. However, you can ship your car year-round with proper preparation.

If your car has any modifications (e.g., lowered suspension, oversized tires), inform the company beforehand to ensure proper handling and equipment. 

Do your research! Read online reviews, compare quotes from multiple companies, and check for licenses and insurance coverage. Consider factors like experience, reputation, and customer service