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Optimance Transport provided a smooth and seamless motorcycle shipping experience. As a passionate biker, my motorcycle is more than just a vehicle – it's a part of my lifestyle. The team at Optimance understood this and ensured that my bike was loaded, secured, and transported with the utmost care. The drivers were experienced, and the communication throughout the process was outstanding. I received updates that kept me informed about the progress, which I greatly appreciated. My motorcycle arrived in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier with their service. For reliable and professional motorcycle shipping, Optimance Transport is the way to go!

BikerAdventures Smooth Motorcycle Shipping Done Right!

Optimance Transport's motorcycle shipping service proved to be a reliable choice for transporting my bike across the country. Their team's attention to detail and commitment to safety were evident from the beginning. They ensured my motorcycle was loaded securely and protected from potential damages. The drivers were skilled in handling motorcycles, and their professionalism was evident. The communication was excellent, and I received updates about the journey. My bike arrived without a scratch, and I'm extremely satisfied with their service. If you're a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, I highly recommend Optimance Transport for a worry-free shipping experience.

TwoWheelTraveler Reliable Motorcycle Shipping Service!

Optimance Transport's motorcycle shipping service exceeded my expectations. Trusting someone with my cherished motorcycle was a big decision, and they proved their expertise and professionalism every step of the way. From loading and securing to transport, their team handled my bike with care. The drivers were experienced and skilled, ensuring the safety of my motorcycle. The communication was excellent, and I appreciated the regular updates. My bike arrived in perfect condition, and I'm grateful for their meticulous attention to detail. For expert motorcycle shipping, Optimance Transport is a reliable choice!

RideInStyle Expert Motorcycle Shipping!

Optimance Transport provided an outstanding motorcycle shipping experience. As someone who's logged countless miles on my bike, I was concerned about its safe transport. The team at Optimance eased those concerns with their professionalism and attention to detail. The loading, securing, and transport were all done with care and precision. The drivers were knowledgeable and skilled in handling motorcycles. The communication throughout the process was excellent, and I was kept informed about my bike's journey. My motorcycle arrived in perfect condition, and I'm extremely satisfied with their service. For dependable and top-quality motorcycle shipping, Optimance Transport is the way to go!

RoadWarriorRider Outstanding Motorcycle Shipping!

Motorcycle Shipping Made Easy with
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Here’s how our motorcycle transport services work:

Step 1

Get a Motorcycle Shipping Quote & Book Your Order

Use our user-friendly website to get a motorcycle shipping quote or reach out to our experienced motorcycle shipping advisors through phone, Live Chat, or email. Our quotes are comprehensive, including all costs. When you're ready to book, simply click on the link in the emailed quote to complete your order.

Step 2

We Pick Up Your Motorcycle

A few hours prior to the scheduled pick-up, we will contact you to ensure someone is available to release the motorcycle. During pick-up, both you and the driver carefully inspect the motorcycle and note any existing damage on the Bill of Lading. We then load your motorcycle securely onto our specialized motorcycle shipping trailer.

Step 3

You Receive Your Motorcycle

Within a few days, your motorcycle will be delivered to the designated location. Our motorcycle movers will contact you in advance to confirm your availability. Upon delivery, you will have the opportunity to closely inspect your motorcycle to ensure everything is in order.


Cost of Motorcycle Shipping

The cost of our motorcycle delivery service depends on various factors, including:

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

Many factors impact the cost of our motorcycle delivery service. They include distance, make, model, and type of motorcycle, value, location, delivery timeframe, motorcycle condition, location, time of year, and type of transport required.

When Should You Choose Door-to-Door Motorcycle Shipping?

Door-to-door motorcycle shipping is a convenient and hassle-free option for transporting your motorcycle. Here are a few situations where choosing door-to-door shipping for your motorcycle is beneficial:

It’s important to note that door-to-door motorcycle shipping may have additional costs compared to other shipping options. However, the convenience and peace of mind it offers often outweigh the extra expense, especially in situations where time, convenience, and the condition of your motorcycle are top priorities.

Your Motorcycle, Our Priority

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Services with Optimance Transport.

Why Choose Optimance Transport For Your Motorcycle Shipping

Our motorcycle delivery services are superior to other shipping companies due to the following reasons:

Trusted & Highly

We have earned a stellar reputation, as reflected in our customer reviews. Our commitment to excellent service sets us apart.

Full Insurance

For your peace of mind, your motorcycle is fully covered from the moment it is picked up until the final delivery. The insurance cost is already included in our rates.

Fully Customizable &
Personal Service

We understand that each customer is unique, which is why we offer fully customizable motorcycle shipping services. You can speak directly with our knowledgeable team and even meet the driver who will transport your motorcycle.

24/7 Customer

Our dedicated shipping advisors are available around the clock to answer your questions and monitor your shipment. We are committed to providing smooth and hassle-free services whenever you need us.


If you decide to cancel your motorcycle shipping order before a carrier is assigned, there are no penalties. In case you cancel after a carrier is assigned, a small non-refundable partial payment will be retained. However, if you ship a motorcycle with us again within the next six months, you can use the deposit for your new order.

Door-to-Door Auto Shipping Options: Open and Enclosed Choices for a Seamless Journey

At Optimance Transport, we understand that every vehicle is unique, and transportation needs can vary. That's why we offer comprehensive door-to-door auto shipping services, providing both open and enclosed options to cater to a wide range of vehicles and customer preferences.

Open Car Transport for an Efficient, Reliable, and Affordable Transportation Solution

Choose our open car transport service for a cost-effective and efficient option to ship your vehicle directly to your desired destination. With our extensive industry experience, we guarantee reliable service without compromising safety and security. Your vehicle will be transported on an open trailer, exposed to weather conditions, but rest assured that it will be handled with the utmost care. Trust us to deliver your vehicle promptly and efficiently, providing excellent value for your money.

Enclosed Car Transport for Premium Service, Added Protection, and Unparalleled Care

For owners of luxury, classic, vintage, or high-value vehicles, we understand the need for special care and attention. Our enclosed car transport service is tailored specifically to meet the requirements of these exceptional cars. Your prized possession will be transported in a fully enclosed trailer, offering complete protection against weather elements, dirt, dust, and prying eyes. Rest assured that your cherished vehicle will receive the highest level of care and arrive at its destination in pristine condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Shipping
with Optimance Transport

Motorcycle Shipping is a specialized transport service tailored to safely and efficiently move motorcycles from one location to another. Whether you're relocating, attending a motorcycle event, or purchasing/selling a bike, our service ensures your motorcycle arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Motorcycles are typically secured using robust straps and soft ties to ensure they remain stationary during transit. The bike is often placed on a pallet or within a crate, and then anchored firmly to the floor of the transport vehicle, preventing any unwanted movement. We also use protective padding and materials to shield your motorcycle from potential scratches or dents.

Generally, it is not recommended to pack personal items with your motorcycle during shipping due to safety and insurance reasons. If you do need to ship additional items, it's essential to discuss with the shipping provider to understand their specific policies and any potential extra costs.

Yes, there are some steps to prepare your motorcycle for shipping: 

  • Clean the motorcycle to easily identify any pre-existing damages. 
  • Document and photograph any existing scratches, dents, or damages for reference. 
  • Empty the fuel tank to about a quarter or less. 
  • Check for any fluid leaks. 
  • Remove or secure any loose items or accessories. 
  • Ensure the tires are adequately inflated and the battery is in good condition. 

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At Optimance Transport, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide top-notch motorcycle shipping services. With our competitive pricing, comprehensive insurance coverage, and exceptional customer support, we are confident in delivering a seamless shipping experience for your motorcycle. Contact us today for a quote or any assistance you may need.

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