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ptimance Transport's flatbed auto transport service is a game-changer for anyone with special vehicle shipping needs. I recently used their service to transport my vintage car, and I couldn't be happier. The flatbed option provided maximum protection and peace of mind. Their team was attentive and ensured that my car was securely loaded and properly secured. The drivers were experienced and handled the transport with care. Regular updates kept me informed throughout the journey, and my car arrived in pristine condition. For exceptional flatbed auto transport, Optimance Transport is the way to go!

ClassicCarCollector Exceptional Flatbed Auto Transport!

Optimance Transport's flatbed auto transport service is the epitome of professionalism and reliability. As an owner of luxury vehicles, I'm extremely cautious about their transport. The flatbed option was the perfect choice, and Optimance executed it flawlessly. Their team's attention to detail was evident from the beginning. The loading and securing of my vehicles were done meticulously, and the drivers were skilled in handling high-end cars. The communication was excellent, and I was kept informed about the journey. My cars arrived in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier. For top-notch flatbed auto transport, I highly recommend Optimance Transport.

LuxuryCarOwner Top-Notch Flatbed Auto Transport!

Optimance Transport's flatbed auto transport service made shipping my classic car a breeze. The flatbed option offered the safety and protection I was looking for. Their team was knowledgeable and ensured my car was loaded and secured properly. The drivers were skilled and experienced, providing an added layer of confidence. I appreciated the regular updates, which kept me informed throughout the journey. My classic car arrived on schedule and without a scratch. If you need efficient and secure auto transport, Optimance Transport's flatbed service is the way to go.

AutoEnthusiast2023 Efficient Flatbed Auto Transport!

Optimance Transport's flatbed auto transport service exceeded my expectations. I entrusted them with transporting my cherished sports car, and they delivered exceptional service. The flatbed option provided the peace of mind I needed, knowing that my car would be protected from the elements and road debris. Their team's professionalism and attention to detail were evident in every step. The drivers were skilled and ensured that my car was secured properly. I was impressed with the regular updates and communication throughout the journey. If you're looking for reliable flatbed auto transport, Optimance Transport is the best choice!

CarEnthusiast77 Reliable Flatbed Auto Transport!

New to Flatbed Car Shipping?

What is Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed shipping is a method of transportation that utilizes a flat, open trailer known as a flatbed. Unlike enclosed trailers, flatbeds have no sides or roof, providing an open platform for loading and transporting oversized, heavy, or irregularly shaped cargo. This type of shipping is ideal for industries such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing that require the transportation of equipment, machinery, building materials, and other large items.

Why Choose Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed shipping offers several advantages for transporting oversized or unconventional cargo. Here’s why you should choose flatbed shipping with Optimance Transport:

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Flatbed Auto Transport

Experience Hassle-Free Shipping for Oversized Vehicles and Unique Cargo.

Cost for Flatbed Shipping

The cost of flatbed auto transport can vary depending on several factors, including the size, weight, and distance of the cargo, as well as any specialized handling or equipment required. While flatbed car transport may have a higher initial cost compared to standard enclosed trailers, it provides added value and convenience for transporting oversized or unconventional cargo. Our experienced team at Optimance Transport will work closely with you to provide competitive pricing tailored to your specific flatbed shipping needs.

Timeframe for Flatbed Shipping

The timeframe for flatbed shipping depends on various factors, including the distance of the transport, the availability of carriers, and any specific requirements or permits needed. At Optimance Transport, we strive to provide efficient and timely flatbed shipping services. During the booking process, our team will provide you with a projected timeline based on the specifics of your shipment, ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination as scheduled.

Efficient and Secure
Flatbed Auto Shipping

At Optimance Transport, we understand that certain vehicles require special handling during transportation. That's why we offer reliable flatbed auto shipping services designed to accommodate oversized vehicles, heavy machinery, and vehicles with unique dimensions. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your vehicles across the country.

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Why Choose Flatbed Auto Shipping?

Why Choose Optimance Transport for Your Flatbed Shipping?

At Optimance Transport, we partner with you to offer comprehensive flatbed shipping services that set us apart from the competition. Here's why you should choose us for your flatbed shipping needs:

Expertise and

With years of experience in the transportation industry, we have developed expertise in handling various types of flatbed shipments. Our knowledgeable team understands the unique requirements of flatbed shipping and will ensure that your cargo is transported safely and efficiently.

Reliable and Secure Transportation

We prioritize the security of your cargo. Our professional carriers are trained to handle flatbed shipments with the utmost care. We utilize industry-standard strapping and securing techniques to ensure that your cargo remains stable and protected throughout the entire transportation process.

Extensive Network and Resources

We have a wide network of carriers and access to a diverse fleet of flatbed trailers, allowing us to accommodate different cargo types, sizes, and dimensions. Our resources enable us to offer flexible and customized solutions for your specific flatbed shipping requirements.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Optimance Transport, we provide exceptional customer service. Our team is available to address your inquiries, provide regular updates on your shipment, and ensure a seamless and hassle-free flatbed shipping experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


We offer competitive pricing for our flatbed shipping services without compromising on quality and reliability. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you receive excellent value for your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flatbed Auto Transport
with Optimance Transport

Flatbed Auto Transport is a specialized method of transporting vehicles using a flatbed trailer or truck. Unlike traditional enclosed trailers, flatbeds are open and provide greater flexibility in accommodating vehicles of varying sizes and shapes, especially those that can't fit in standard trailers due to height or width restrictions. 

Flatbed Auto Transport is ideal for: 

  • Vehicles that exceed the dimensions of standard auto transport trailers. 
  • Oversized vehicles, construction equipment, or machinery. 
  • Classic, luxury, or exotic cars that might require a unique loading/unloading method. 
  • Situations where the vehicle is non-operational and can't be driven onto a standard trailer.

Typically, flatbed transport might come at a slightly higher cost compared to standard auto transport. This is due to specialized equipment, potential for lower vehicle capacity, and additional care taken during the loading and unloading processes. However, prices can vary based on the distance, vehicle specifics, and the level of service required.

Loading onto a flatbed trailer is typically done using sturdy ramps or, in some cases, a crane for extremely heavy machinery. Vehicles are securely strapped down using high-quality chains or straps to prevent any movement during transit. Unloading follows a reverse process, with utmost care taken to ensure the vehicle's safety and preservation. 

While some transport services might allow a limited amount of personal items inside the vehicle, it's generally recommended to avoid this for safety and insurance reasons. Always clarify with your chosen transport service about their specific policies regarding personal items in the car.