Electric Cars Rise in Alaska: What You Need to Know

The rise of electric cars in the country has sparked interest in the people of Alaska. Car owners are considering switching to EVs for a greener drive in the last Frontier. The debate is, however, if owning and maintaining electric vehicles is even worth it in the freezing state.  

Let’s delve into the world of EVs to discover everything you need to know about owning an EV in Alaska.     

How Many EVs Are There in Alaska?   

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of EV owners in this area. According to Alaska Energy Authority, the least densely populated state has only 2,500 EVs as of November 2023. Electric cars account for only 0.36% of the total cars registered in Alaska.   

Although EVs had a slow start, their consumption rate is growing every year. Alaska Energy Authority reported an increase of EVs by 37.23% between the year 2020-2021. Along with including electric cars in the zero-emission program, the state also gives some other incentives to entice their use.   

  • Total number of EV registrations – 2,500 (EV), 1,000 (plug-in hybrids)  
  • Percent of total vehicle registrations in the state – 0.36%  
  • Percent of total US EV registrations – Approx 0.5%  
  • YOY growth of ownership in recent years – +37.23% from 2020-2021  
  • Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) program – included in this.  

Do people get any incentives or perks to get involved in the emission-free drive? Let’s have a look at the incentives and benefits you get through ownership of an electric car in Alaska.   

Are There Incentives for Electric Cars in Alaska?  

Yes, when it comes to owning an electric car in Alaska, the state offers some excellent incentives to encourage your EV ownership. By owning an EV in Alaska, you can enjoy getting up to a $1000 rebate from Alaska Power and Telephone (AP&T) through an application process.   

Additionally, Chugach Electric Association (CEA), offers a $200 credit bill if you give evidence of Level 2 EV charging station ownership. The amount can be increased up to 400$ based on the circumstances. The credit bill is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be eligible, you must submit a complete application with proof of charging station installation.  

That’s not it; Alaska Electric Light & Power (AELP) also provides a special Time-of-use rate to people charging their EVs with big batteries (16 kW or more). The TOU rate charges customers less for charging their electric cars during off peak hours. Therefore, it can help citizens save some bucks on their electricity bills.   

From the above-stated incentives, it is evident that Alaska is trying to steer people toward environmentally friendly driving.  

Registration and Charging Fees for Electric Vehicles in Alaska   

Owning an electric car in Alaska doesn’t break the bank. You just must pay the registration fees like any other car, and you’re good to go. Alaska Energy Authority states that you have to pay a standard registration fee of $100, like any other car for EVs in Alaska. The process doesn’t involve any additional costs. This is a benefit that most states, like Florida, don’t enjoy, where having an electric car costs an arm and a leg. 

There are no additional charges for keeping an EV in Alaska. Public charging stations usually charge $0.25-$0.50 per kWhs. However, charging EVs at home is more affordable. According to the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association, the cost of charging will depend on your electricity rate, but it is typically a lot cheaper than what it costs at a public station. 

  • Registration fees – $100  
  • Annual fees for a Plug-in and Electric Vehicle Decal – No extra annual fees   

Alaska EV Charging Network  

As for the EV charging network, Alaska needs some serious improvement. There are only 119 charging stations throughout the state. Although other states have more charging spots, they charge relatively higher. The monthly cost for charging to almost 600 kWh in Alaska is about $140, much cheaper than gasoline in most states.   

The Alaska Energy Authority is eager to multiply the number of charging vehicles so that car owners can enjoy their emission-free drives anywhere in the state. CEA offers a $200 credit to residents who purchase and install a Level 2 charging station. CEA can also increase the amount up to $400 under certain circumstances. This incentive is offered as an encouragement to set up an EV charging station.    

Types of Charging Stations in Alaska  

Here are the types of charging stations in Alaska scattered throughout the state:  

Free Stations  

As the name suggests, free charging stations offer EV charging free of cost. However, there are only three stations like these in the state.   

Fast Chargers   

Fast chargers can charge the vehicle’s battery directly, ensuring less time consumption in the energy transmission.  

CHAdeMO Plugs  

CHAdeMO is the DC charging protocol for electric vehicles. These chargers are compatible with EVs from Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Toyota, and Kia.  

CCS Plugs  

This is a mixed charging system, combining the AC and DC one. This charger easily adapts to BMW, Jaguar, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Honda, Kia, Tesla, Mazda, and Volkswagen cars.  


Like your smartphone’s superchargers, these chargers allow quick charging for your EVS, mostly in about one hour. Unfortunately, right now, only Tesla vehicle owners can enjoy this. However, in 2024, Ford and General Motors will also benefit from superchargers.   

J-1772 Chargers 

Every non-Tesla Level 1 and 2 charging station in North America utilizes the J plug. Therefore, almost all EVs use the J plug for charging, making it one of the most common chargers.   

Why EVs Are the Future of Eco-friendly Drives?   

Electric cars are highly anticipated by the experts. Morningstar forecasts that by 2030, EV sales will reach up to 40% of the new car sales. These cars are eco-friendly, causing little harm to the surroundings. Not to mention, EVs are more cost-efficient than regular cars that run on gasoline. Electric vehicles are also quieter and more comfortable.   

Although there aren’t many charging stations in Alaska, the state is seriously making efforts to encourage the ownership of EVs. Alaska is planning to provide a favorable infrastructure along with more charging stations. Until then, you can take advantage of the state’s fruitful incentives to promote emission-free driving. 

So, why not be a part of a revolutionary movement and contribute towards helping the environment by owning eco-friendly cars? If you want to experience one, you can easily rent it and enjoy your long drive or vacation.   

In conclusion, speeding up EV adoption in Alaska still requires a lot of effort and commitment. However, the state is now working towards promoting major changes to offer a suitable environment for electric-powered vehicles.   

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