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Thank you Optimance Transport for delivering my car safely to me! You made it so easy! I will definitely be calling you again when I buy my new car!

Jhone Deo

The entire process was world-class and left me with the same type of feeling I have when I buy a new suit at Nordstrom's! Thanks for all your help Dawn. Optimance is lucky to have such a professional like you on their team!


I was very satisfied with using Optimance Transport to move my SUV from Georgia to New Jersey! Awesome job guys I would highly recomend!


I shipped my son's new from ..... and was extremely pleased with the whole process. Got a fair price, excellent service and no damage! I would definitely use Optimance Transport again.

Brain W

Are you in need of reliable auto transport services to or from Alaska? Look no further! Optimance Transport is your trusted partner for smooth, stress-free car shipping to Alaska. Whether you're relocating, buying/selling a vehicle, or need transportation for any other reason, we've got you covered.

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Seamless Alaska Car Shipping Services with Optimance Transport

Optimance Transport has been a trusted provider of Alaska car shipping services to both dealers and private vehicle owners for over two decades. Our rates are competitively priced, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We also adhere to the highest insurance standards and ensure your vehicle's safety throughout transportation. As a door-to-door auto transporter, we offer convenient delivery to or from any residential or business location in Alaska. We offer both open and enclosed shipping options. Get an instant quote today and discover how affordable it is to ship your car to or from Alaska with Optimance Transport!

Auto Shipping Made Simple

Simplifying your car shipping experience is our priority. We've streamlined our shipping process from the moment you contact us, ensuring the service you receive is safe and secure and offers excellent value for your money.

Effortless Car Shipping to or from Alaska with Optimance Transport

Effortless Alaska Auto Transport with Optimance Transport

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When it comes to Alaska transport, Optimance Transport makes it simple and easy for you. Please take advantage of our seamless booking process by placing your order online or contacting our friendly team. Trust Optimance Transport for reliable and hassle-free auto transport to or from Alaska!

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Shipping your vehicle to or from Alaska is a breeze with us!

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Whether you need to ship your vehicle from Alaska to California, Washington, or
any other destination, we’ve got you covered.

Shipping From Alaska

Shipping To Alaska

Shipping Time for Cars to or from Alaska

We'll keep you updated on the date for dropping off your vehicle at the port or when we'll be picking it up for transportation. Rest assured; you'll receive timely information on the shipping schedule, so you know precisely how long it will take to ship your car to or from Alaska.


Our ships set sail from ports in Anchorage, AK, and Tacoma, WA, twice a week. Once your vehicle is dropped off at one of these ports, either by you or our trucks, it will be safely loaded onto one of the ships departing that week.

within a Week

As soon as the ship leaves the port, your vehicle will be transported to the other port within a week. Rest assured, your car will be ready for pickup at the designated port without any undue delays.

Prompt Delivery,

When your vehicle is entrusted to Optimance Transport, you can have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize timely and reliable delivery. Your car will be waiting for you at the destination port within a week after it's dropped off at the starting port.

For a stress-free and efficient car shipping experience to or from Alaska, contact us today to get started with a free quote. Our dedicated team will ensure your vehicle reaches its Alaskan destination on time and in excellent condition.

What are the necessary preparations for shipping a car
to or from Alaska?

At Optimance Transport, we want to ensure a hassle-free and efficient car shipping experience for you. To prepare your vehicle for transportation to or from Alaska, follow this simple checklist:

Provide Keys

Make sure to have copies of all keys for locking compartments, including the gas tank, glove box, ignition, and trunk.

Ground Clearance

Ensure your vehicle has a minimum ground clearance of 5 inches to meet shipping requirements.

Fuel Level

For gas-powered vehicles, maintain less than 1/4 tank of gas. Electric vehicles should have a full charge.

Exterior Cleanliness

Present a clean exterior for inspection purposes.

Remove Personal Items

Before shipping, remove all personal belongings from the vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

Ensure your vehicle is operational, able to steer and stop efficiently.

Prohibited Items

Firearms, ammunition, and flammable and hazardous materials are not allowed for shipping.

Antifreeze Check

For shipments between October 1 and April 1, ensure your antifreeze is suitable for temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Shipping
with Optimance Transport

Yes, we can transport non-operational vehicles, but please inform us in advance for proper arrangements. 

Yes, antifreeze is essential, especially between October 1 and April 1, to prevent damage due to extreme cold temperatures. 

There are specific weight and size limits for vehicles; contact us for detailed information tailored to your vehicle. 

Yes, we can accommodate oversized or modified vehicles; please provide details during the booking process. 

Yes, electric vehicles need to be fully charged before shipping; ensure the battery is prepared for the journey. 

Yes, spare tires and jacks can be included; secure them properly within the vehicle for safe transportation. 

We offer specialized motorcycle shipping services; contact us for tailored solutions and pricing. 

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your preferred pickup and delivery dates. 

Generally, we can ship various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles; contact us for specific vehicle inquiries. 

Yes, we offer international shipping services from Alaska; please inquire about the specific destination and requirements. 

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